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With trust, comes responsibility. And, we at Fixxoo want to stand up to your expectations of giving your travel partner, the care that it deserves! We do realise the value that your car holds for you and thus our efforts will only be put to enhance your love for your car and the journey that you undertake with it.

We are not just a marketplace wherein we connect you to service stations; we also go an extra mile to make sure you know the latest updates about your car whenever it is being fixed at a station. Apart from that, Fixxoo keeps notifying the user about the due-date of your car’s service. The features and services which we offer are undoubtedly the best that you would do for your travel companion.

We don't connect, WE SERVE!

Our Story

Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you. Great stories are always born out of an experience in the past that compels the person to do something in order to make the future beautiful. Same is the case with Fixxoo. If you ask the co-founder, Fixxoo wasn’t just a figment of imagination but a well-thought out decision by him to make sure that our best travel partner i.e. car deserves the best. But, what led to the formation of Fixxoo by him? Once on his way to office on a usual busy weekday his car broke down. In a hurry to attend his scheduled meetings, he rushed to the nearby authorised service centre but the entire process of addressing the problem to the service executives and preparing the job cards consumed most of his time leading him to take cab and reach the office after so many hours. Half of this day went wasted and the further hike in quotation in part of the service executives made major holes in his pocket.

This led to a brainstorming session between him and his other car enthusiast pals leading to the conclusion that there needs to be a quality car repair/service centre at a pocket friendly rate. After all, your car is the first thing that you welcomed when you became ready to trudge on the path called life and this was how Fixxoo was born. The co-founder made sure that Fixxoo was developed to understand this unique bond between you and your car and thus is an effort to keep that bond lively for life.


At the core of everything, we are proud of our values that have helped us carving Fixxoo in the shape that it is.

  • Convenience – Gone are the days when some hours of your weekend itinerary were booked for taking your car to a garage and then wait for some more hours while it gets fixed. Fixxoo brings wholesome car solutions just at your fingertips. We offer free pick and drop. Bye, garage!
  • Cost effectiveness – It burns a hole in the pocket to pay for expensive maintenance services. We at Fixxoo offer pocket friendly yet quality services. We also provide the users with an instant quotation of the services one is availing which enables the user to make economical decisions.
  • Transparency- And, what do we say about not receiving your car in the condition you wanted to after the repair. Breaks the heart, doesn’t it? Fixxoo makes sure that you can track the status of your car. It also keeps you informed of what progress is being made while repairing/servicing your car. Apart from that, we use original products which come with a warranty.
  • Quality assurance- A lot of times, it happens that we are unsure of the problem that the car begins to face and we tend to look for mechanics but it is of no guarantee that the right reason for the damage in the car has been spotted. Fret not! Experts at Fixxoo can help you with the same. All you need to do is send a picture of the damaged car to Fixxoo and leave your stress to the experts.

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