25 Nov

FIXXOO- The Car Guardian

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Fix All Your Problems with FIXXOO!! Most of the cars today give a “beep” sound when we are not using our seat belts (very important for safety) and end up in fastening them, but do we listen to our vehicle when it whispers about any hitches and damages? No? Most people don’t, but relax! it’s totally human as we tend to take all these minor imbalances lightly till the time our vehicle breaks down and refuses to make a move.

We get alarmed only when things go out of place and need an intrinsic eye and professional hands. Don’t worry people and brace yourselves, because we have an ultimate solution to all your car maintenance needs! Now get your car fixed in no time with:

FIXXOO- The Car Guardian

What is Fixxoo?

Fixxoo is a brainchild of 3 car enthusiasts how to enter cheat codes in clash royale who love their cars like their little ones and want everybody to take care of their vehicles in a more professional and economical way.

Fixxoo provides car maintenance and repair services along with free doorstep pick and drop facility, so say bye to garages and save a lot of your valuable time. Our services ensure systematic car maintenance with genuine parts at affordable prices. We stand true to our motto “We Don’t Connect, We Serve!” and take pride in calling ourselves one of the best car maintenance & repair house in Delhi /NCR.

Call us for detailed information on +91 901-550-6000 or email us your inquiries and suggestions at care@fixxoo.in or info@fixxoo.in.

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