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Get best quality service from Fixxoo Authorized Car Service Centres and save up to 40% on your car repair costs!

Best Car Service

Cars are just like us, the better you maintain the healthier they are. And to give it a healthy and long life it is recommended to get your car serviced regularly. At the same time it is important that servicing is done by someone who is trained & well equipped to do so. At Fixxoo, our expert engineers ensure that your car is given the appropriate treatment and you get updates at almost every step. And, all this at pocket friendly rates! The car service center in South Delhi and Gurgaon provide the best platform for all the individuals residing in that particular area.

Be it your travel to office or leisure trip, car is our best partner. Car service Gurgaon and Delhi will be your all-time favorite partner in maintaining your car’s health .But the frequent usage makes it prone to various injuries ranging from cracked windshield to a faulty engine. Whatever it might be, you must consult an expert for quality & long lasting repair. With a panel of car experts and a three level checking procedure, Fixxoo ensures that your car is provided with the most appropriate solution so that your next ride can be fun and smooth. Secure your car health from expert team of technicians by getting best in class car service in Gurgaon and South Delhi as well.



We know you love your car and even a small scratch to it is painful but not to worry any more. Just a small garage magic at Fixxoo will ensure that your car shines like the first time it came to greet your home and heart. Just a small garage work at Fixxoo will leave you reliving that day when you drove your swanky car out of the showroom. If you want to give your car an all new look in a different shade just book a slot at Fixxoo or book car service online and get your new car at your doorstop. Just to provide customer with extreme level of satisfaction, we have introduced our application named as car service station near me in order to accompany you wherever you go.


Interior/Exterior Detailing

The way you look or dress up is a statement or an impression you give others about yourself. And so is the look of your car. The dust and rigorous usage sometimes fades away the upkeep & luster of your car. At Fixxoo, through our exquisite interior and exterior detailing services, we aim to revamp the entire look of your car as per your taste. We are highly demanded in market for our best car service centre in Gurgaon and Delhi.

‘An ounce of protection is better than cure’. And, for your car, it proves to be extremely important. At Fixxoo, we provide protective ceramic coating services that protect your car against damages like acid rain, pollutants, bird droppings, dust, gravel, mud etc. Moreover, the trained technicians provide best car service in Gurgaon and Delhi as we serve with the motto of helping the customers in best possible manner. The ceramic coatings used ensure that your car is safe and recovers and retains its original shine for many more years to come or for a long time!

We also offer services such as wraps, alloy paint, interior enrichment to give your car a new and shining look. For more assistance, ring us @ 901-550-6000. Further, we make our mark and are located in South Delhi, Gurgaon.

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